Thursday, January 12, 2017

On the third day of our "Vienna week" we got some blueberries....

If you look at today's cake and think it looks familiar that is no surprise.  Just like yesterday's pecan tart this one comes from the Vienna Bakery making this day 3 of our inadvertent Viennese theme.  In fact it looks very similar except that the filling is like that for a blueberry pie and there is streusel on top instead of baked in pecans.  Even the whipped cream florets are, well, the same.
You. are not seeing double
Similar to the decor on yesterday's pecan tart, don't you think?
And that crust looks familiar too!
We have nothing against this.  If they prepare a bunch of tart crust bases and then fill them with various things that is perfectly okay with us.  We have seen similar things with cranberries and apples so they are pretty versatile.   This was no exception to their usual superior quality and was, again, not as heavy or caloric as an actual pie might have been.
Nice streusel top and some white chocolate shavings!
Just enough of the filling...again!

Incidentally, the reason we get so much stuff from the Vienna Bakery is because it is in Barrington, RI and we have a number of colleagues and lab people who live in the town.  As a matter of fact it has the highest number of people with an advanced degree, PhD, in all of Rhode Island.  We are happy that some of our folks are contributing to that distinction for the town.
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