Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A very mini chocolate cake and the A a pistachio roll

Today was the boss's turn to bring in the goods.  Given previous history we suggested not one of his usual gigantic cakes but something smaller.  Different tastes and calorie counters aren't going for large pieces these days.  Well, he came through with a very mini chocolate and something new - a pistachio roll!  They were from good old Dave's !
Double treats for the day!
Nice looking chocolate cake!

Nice florets on top!
The cake was very small.  For reference we took a picture with it next to a coffee mug.  It about the size of two cupcakes.  Nonetheless it was a good solid chocolate cake with classic frosting that was good and creamy probably because the cake was kept at room temperature.  A standard wedge cut was smaller than a regular brownie but it gave us a all a nice little tasting.
And it's not much bigger than the mug!
Healthy eating notwithstanding the green thing had nothing to do with kale.  It was a pistachio roll - something we had not seen before and my not see again, you never know!!  This was a typical flat thin cake that was covered with cream filling and then rolled up. Like the mini cake it was very fresh. The cream filling was vanilla frosting - whipped cream would have been better of course.  The top was dusted with powdered sugar. We are fairly certain that the green color was enhanced since pistachios themselves are not that green.  The pistachio taste was evident and all in all it was well received!
Something new!!

A snow covered green log?
Nope, it's a pistachio role!

A little bit of each made for a nice treat!

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