Monday, March 11, 2019

Strawberry Boston Cream Pie and the Death Penalty

Today we had a lovely harbinger of not too distant Spring.  It was a strawberry cake with yellow cake, a layer of pastry cream and strawberries and whipped stuff on the top.  If you replace the strawberries and whipped topping with chocolate you would have a Boston Cream Pie so we are calling this a Strawberry Boston Cream Pie.

Today's treat!
Here's what's on top!
From the taste perspective it was fine.  The cake was soft and the cream fresh.  The strawberries were a little frozen which we take to mean the cake was recently assembled.  Of course the only down side was the whipped part was not the real thing.  This was another of those ersatz whipped cream vegetable products.  It's texture is fine but there really is not substitute for schlag.
Nice looking partly frozen strawberries!

That layer has Boston Cream all over it!
The interior view!!
We had some excitement recently in that the perpetrator of the kidnapping and murder of the young mother from the night club in Boston was a resident of the building across the street from us.  For two days after the capture the place was overrun with police looking for evidence, news crews and onlookers. Discussion of the situation prompted a discussion with some of the foreign colleagues about the Death Penalty and why it was so hard to implement here.  Apparently, since it is a lot easier to off someone in other countries, there was some incredulity how long it takes here.  Summary executions are just not our thing! 

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