Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Oma's Apple Cake

Having a German mother means you get a lot of good things that would be typical in Germany but not so common here. This is especially true for baked goods.  For year's mother, now Oma or grandmother made apple streusel sheet cakes for events, holidays or just for the hell of it.  It kept well and it was very to easy to eat good size chunks almost as a meal. It was so well liked by certain grandchildren that they made her a banner with the recipe to hang in the kitchen so it could be made at any time.   Oma hasn't made one in awhile but we managed to get one together this past weekend during a visit and it was featured at cake hour today.
It's not the whole sheet but a good chunk of it!
Cake, apples and streusel form the three layers!

Representative piece showing the goods!
It is a vanilla yeast free sheet cake upon which you lay out sliced apples flavored with sugar and cinnamon.  On top of that you put a butter streusel made of butter, flour and sugar.  When it is baked the cake rises, the apples cook and the streusel hardens and gets a little crunchy. As usual it tasted great, especially with coffee, was very much appreciated and brought back memories of youth gone by!!
Love that streusel topping!

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