Friday, March 8, 2019

Marble Madness for March Madness

March is here which means the basketball tournament called March Madness will get under way/  Get your brackets done!!!!  So for cake hour today we had something from Boston Coffee Cake called Marble Madness. 
Welcome to Marble Madness!!

Nice looking coffee cake!!
This is a marble coffee cake meaning chocolate batter is swirled thought the vanilla batter to give it a marbled appearance.  The top was mostly chocolate and was finally decorated with some dark chocolate morsels.

Mostly choco on top!
Throw in some of those chocolate morsels for texture and taste!
Like all the cakes from this company, it is very good. Moist, light and easy to eat!  The only critique would be that the marbling did not get very deep into the cake so you didn't quite get the right effect but who cares! 
More like a layer than marbled batter.
Anyway, good luck with your March Madness predictions and may the best team win!

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