Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DD Day Arrives

This is New England.  In Braintree, MA  there is DDU. This is Providence where there is the DD Center. You would think that at one point there would have been a DD Day at Cake Hour but somehow it got overlooked.  If you don't know what DD refers to then you haven't been around here very long. (In Germany it is the license plate code for Dresden, but I digress.)
DD for Dresden on a license plate

DD is Dunkin' Donuts which started in New England and can now be found world wide.  We saw them in Prague, London, Paris and hear they are now making their way into China. Up till today, though, they had not been featured or served up at cake hour. Today we fixed that oversight and brought in the doughnuts. DD's motto is 'Time to Make the Donuts" but for us it was time to eat the donuts.
New England's DD

A couple of six packs

The motto!
The person procuring them opted for a selection of some classics but mainly some unusual ones. There was the festive heart shaped donut for upcoming Valentine's Day.  Chocolate Frosted, Vanilla Frosted, Caramel Frosted, a jelly donut and a few other varieties including a chocolate donut filled with sugar creme. We had some debate as to whether this was a reverse Boston creme donut but concluded that the outside should not be dark.
A premium selection
Not a basic doughnut in sight
Frosted and filled finishes!
In the interest of sampling several nobody really opted to eat a whole doughnut. So we cut most of them in half and left them on plates so folks could try different types. Undoubtedly we are probably the only people in history who ate a dozen doughnuts like in such a way. Boy are we losers.

Festive Valentine's Doughnut

Reverse Boston Creme??/

Sugar Creme filling reminiscent of Hostess Cupcakes

Who else would slice up a dozen donuts!

We also discussed President John F. Kennedy's famous speech in Berlin when he said "Ich bin ein Berliner."  This was expressing solidarity with the citizen's of then West Berlin who were living surrounded by Communist East Germany.  The problem is in German when you say you are from a city you drop the definite article. So if he wanted to say I am a Berliner the correct phrase would be "Ich bin Berliner".  By adding the the definite article "ein" he made reference to the other meeting for Berliner which is a fried pastry filled with jam.  So the citizen's of Berlin heard the American President say "I am a jelly doughnut."  Fortunately everyone was gracious enough to get his meaning.
The Berliner President Kennedy was NOT referring to!

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