Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Last Stollen

We know that you have seen this before...but thanks to Christmas and the fact that Dimpflmaier Stollens last for a very long time, we officially end the holiday season in early February by finishing off the last of the Stollens that were gifted.  Once again this was a rum Stollen which is good but we're hoping that the Marzipan Stollens will reappear for this year's holiday treat. 
Deja vu - 680gms worth

That Stollen scene again

The classic shape

It's a bread, no a fruitcake. It's like a bread and a fruitcake only edible!

The classic shape of the Stollen, BTW,  is caused by folding the dough prior to baking.  For other interesting facts you can check out the website for the Dresden Stollen festival. Our selection today weighed 680g.  The world record for the largest was set in 2010 when the festival paraded around a Stollen that weighed 4200 kilograms - 6100 times bigger than the one that we had. The story of the Giant Stollen is here:

If it weren't for the fact that they sell the car size monster Stollen off they would most likely be emulating us by eating it also in February and probably long after.

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