Monday, February 14, 2011

DD for VD and some random Turkish Delights

Just last week we finally featured the ubiquitous Dunkin' Donuts at Cake Hour. This is something that seems painfully obvious but for some reason we've never had DD before.  Little did we imagine that we would be doing it again so quickly.  However as today is Valentine's Day we were treated to festive valentine donuts. These were either in the shape of a heart or were sprinkled with mini-hearts or sprinkles in valentine colors.  How sweet! The sprinkling of the donuts with seasonally colored mini-candies is common and each time the product is referred to as a "festive" donut. So a festive fall donut will have sprinkles that depict fallen leaves and a festive Easter doughnut will have Easter eggs. You get the picture? Hence the heart shaped sprinkles this time around which as you can see folks were eager to bite into.

DD for VD

We were not sure what Oven Toasted Goodness referred to

Festive Valentine Selection

We heart them too!

Vanilla frosted...

...and chocolate frosted by skimpy on the filling!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Something to sink your teeth into!

The big disappointment was that even though many of the hearts shaped donuts were solid. i.e. lacking the donut hole, they were not creme filled. This was very much regretted by the aficionados of creme filled donuts and we might suggest that DD consider tossing in some filling for what we are sure will be the upcoming festive St. Patty's doughnuts.

In addition we just happened to have a random box of Lokum aka "Turkish Delights" hanging around. This one was even marked "finest" and "double roasted pistachio rich!" Was this a step above the Lokum we had previously tried? Not really! The box may have been pistachio rich but each piece was pistachio poor.  This is not what we have come to expect from "Authentic Turkish Delights"!
Only the finest!

Where were they hiding those pistachios?

Misleading label

But they WERE authentic!

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