Friday, February 11, 2011

This time the carrot cake is from Gregg's... it was certainly something to look forward to. Never mind that this was the third carrot cake in about a month. Who came up with the idea of putting carrots in a cake anyway? It's not like you can taste them.
We love it when we see this box!

Carrot cake, again??

Love the frosting and the walnuts!

It has become a classic, however, and when it is done correctly with the multiple layers, the cream cheese frosting and the walnut garnish it is very good.  The Big T made a great one back during student cake month in 2010.

Lot of layers!

If you look closely you may see a carrot!

This Gregg's version is along those lines. It is big cake with multiple layers and the cream cheese frosting between the layers and slathered on top.  The outside of the cake is not frosted which helps give it the signature look. As usual, being from Gregg's, it was very fresh and hit the spot for those craving cake.

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