Thursday, February 24, 2011

Borak's Back with Bombs and Boston Creme

Our buddy Borak made a return appearance to cake hour and brought some goodies from Whole Foods.  This time he went for aesthetics in addition to flavor or so it seems. Included were what would seem to be effort intense concoctions that we called bombs. The yellow one was lemon and the other, well, obviously chocolate.  He also opted for a Boston Creme Pie which everyone should know is not a pie at all but a cake. 
Whole Food Offerings!

Its' a bomb! Were you expecting one?

Triple cake delight!

He scored on all three counts as the bombs, which were filled with the respective flavored mousses, were very good. Who can resist chocolate mousse anyway?  The thick chocolate frosting was great and made for a very chocolate experience. The lemon mousse was covered with a cake layer and then a glaze. How they got the design they made with the cake layer to be so symmetrical must have taken some doing. It sure made it look nice and pretty.

Lemon Bomb! Looks a little like a brain!

Choco-bomb! Pretty ribbon!

Boston Creme wrapped up and ready to go!

 You can't complain about the Boston Cream Pie either. The recipe is great and they likewise made a good attempt to make it as appealing to look at as possible.

Creamy inside!
Lemon mousse inside!

If it weren't for that thin layer of cake it would be gluten free>
We learned of new products that were available for the world of research.  Apparently some people left Corning plastic ware and set up their own business in Shirley, MA of all places. Since Corning plastic lab ware is now stupidly expensive we can't wait to see how much less the locals in MA will end up charging.  Then again there are so many other companies offering this stuff that you have to give credit to the entrepreneurs who decided to found a business making things that a whole host of larger business already make. But if they can do so economically, heck, we'll bu something from them!
We are also checking out the specials for some other lab necessities and some savings. With the cake and the products it was a lovely visit...but for the bit about the bra, oy!

What has this got to do with a bra?

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