Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So where's the Lemon Curd and the Devon Cream??

Today resembled high tea what with the offering being a plate of homemade scones.  Scones are great but truth be told the penchant here in the U.S. is for them to be gigantic! Go to most bakeries or cafes that have them and they are about the size of a shoe.  Get one of the gigundo ones at Starbuck's and you'll be full for a week.

Monster Scone from Starbuck's...only 500 calories!
Since they are mainly flour and butter they have a tendency to be dry. Hence they lend themselves to being served with tea and during formal teas they are often served up with lemon curd, jam and Devon cream - something similar to whipped cream. In civilized circumstances they tend to be smaller and easier to consume.

Much more civilized!

No lemon curd...what to do?

When nothing else is around slather it with butter!

Today we were civilized. One of our patrons brought in some home made scones that were indeed the appropriate size. They were very fresh, not overly dry and tasted very good.  They went will with coffee and or hot chocolate but regrettably none of the usual accompaniments were there. No lemon curd! No jam! No Devon Cream!  What to do in a situation like this?  We just went for the next best thing after whipped cream....butter.  Scones with butter did just fine!

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