Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Artisan Fresh Blueberry Pie and He's at it again!

Today we had a pie, and Artisan Fresh blueberry pie to be exact.  In case you do not know Artisan Fresh is the brand from Sam's Club. There stuff is usually pretty good albeit larger than most other items. That seems to be the trend in all these clubs and wholesale places. Maybe this has something to do with the obesity epidemic but we can't say for sure.
Artisan fresh, again!
Looks like a pretty conventional top pie crust!

Ample pie for a hungry crowd!
BTW, the holes are to let the steam out during baking!

Is this proper English...fresh baked in club?
It's a standard blueberry pie for sure and you really can't go wrong with one of these. Some whipped cream or ice cream would have complemented it nicely but we are not complaining. Since it was a large as it was we even have leftovers for the next day if the after hours gluttons don't get it all.
Lots of blueberries in the filling!
As you can see from more of the posted pictures our electronic device addict was at it again!  Electronics Anonymous anyone?

He's at it again!
Something intense must be going on!
Nothing else is registering! Total electronic immersion!
Even with the knife about to fall!
Siri loves me, what can I say?

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