Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Leftovers but who ate the Peeps

Today was the day for Easter leftovers.  The Easter Bunny was quite generous and so there was still plenty to go around including Robin's Eggs, Cadbury Mini-eggs, Jelly Beans etc.  About the only thing that was running down were the Peeps.  The chocolate bunnies were also not yet broken into given that everyone was pigging out on the small stuff. We did try to get a blue tongue picture using the blue color that rubs off if you suck on the Robin's Eggs but as you can see it was not our most successful attempt.
Leftovers for Easter food frenzy day 2!

Most of the goodies are still available.

The chocolate bunnies await their turn!

Still a few pieces to whet any Peeps appetite.

That blue dye on the Robin's Eggs can be fun,
Not our best blue Easter tongue!

One bunny stalking the other!

We were joined by three colleagues who had missed out the day before as they were working on some complicated experiments that inadvertently involved very happy endings for some lab rats.  I'll leave that up to your imagination.  Interestingly we had left a selection of treats for them the previous day when the Easter Bunny first left his goodies including a selection of Peeps and the chocolate dipped ones to boot. This was done at about 4:45pm.  At 5:30pm when the three returned to the lab that selection we had left for them was gone!  The mystery of who it was that ate those treats remains to this day given that everyone else that we knew of had their fill. We appear to have a closet Peep/cake eater who waits until everyone is distracted to strike.  Nonetheless our three colleagues were happy to join the Easter gluttony on day 2.
We swear we didn't get those Peeps yesterday!
Eyeballing a chocolate Nestle Crunch Egg.

Still some left for day 3!

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