Monday, April 2, 2012

Delicious buns amid talk of C-sections is clearly developing some devoted followers or so we would like to believe.  As proof, perhaps, today were served up some delicious cinnamon pecan raisin buns that were made not by a lab work colleague but by a colleague from another line of work who is a fan of cake hour and wanted to participate to get her confections onto the blog. Like - who are we to argue! So she prepared a batch of made-from-scratch pecan rolls. Mind you, the fact that she was willing to make these for the hard core participants of cakehour does show a distinct confidence in the quality of her baking.  We're happy to say that confidence is well deserved!
Specially prepared for cake hour but what is in the bag?

Its' a bag o'buns...or pecan raising cinnamon rolls.

It's also a first for cake hour!
Loaded with the good lots of pecans!
And just the right size for guilt free enjoyment!
A work of art, no?
These were delicious and everyone was very happy to partake as you can see by the satisfied looks on all the pictures. First of all they were the right size so you could enjoy them without feeling like you are eating your caloric limit for the day. (Sometimes when you buy these at bakeries they are large enough to feed a family of four.)  They were not at all dry like a lot of them are and best of all they were loaded with pecans and raisins. How many time have you bought one of these and had a few pecan pieces on them or an occasional embedded raisin?  That seems to be the norm with the commercial products but here our baker piles them on.  The syrup was appropriately sweet and not overly sticky which it has to be somewhat or they couldn't be alternatively called sticky buns as they usually are.  Lastly, the presentation was nice. We loved the paper doilies! Suffice it to say our guest baker served up a hit and several people threw caution to the wind and ate two.  We thank her and compliment her baking skills. We can't wait for what's next.

As you can see from the rapid depletion of the buns they were largely irresistible.  Largely because there was a trio of people who deferred. "They look good but I won't be able to run."  "I just can't do it." "I've got to be good." We've heard it all before and as mother used to say...all the more for us!
I run but I'm having a pecan roll!

I showed up today and got a bonus!

Why be good when you can have one of these!
Thumbs up to the chef!
Beats running any day!
Always happy for a special treat!

Thumbs up and better than crumpets!
Who can resist?

Almost missed them!
Even grabbed them on the fly!
So what would prompt us in all this pecan roll goodness to start talking about childbirth and Caesarian sections?  That would be the fact that one of our research colleagues was 10 days late delivering her baby. This prompted all sorts of useless advice about how she should be induced, given a C-section. A favorite comment was about natural inducing where "the guy steps in."  In other words nine months pregnant and ready to burst a bout of intercourse will induce labor. Who knew?
Who cares about childbirth!
Questions were asked about how painful can childbirth really be?  The only person having delivered a child was quick to point out it was VERY painful.  Well if it is so painful why do they have multiple children and why doesn't everyone just get a C-section?  Even the baby benefits form being cut our because they don't get all  smooshed up being squeezed through a birth canal we were reminded.  Another piped up that her mother had had little problem delivering normally and was up taking a shower a few hours after she was born. This apparently caused some childhood images of having been born in the reception room or having merely plopped out onto the bed while mother was barely paying attention. Needless to say based upon the discussion I don't think the practice or statistics of C-sections versus natural delivery is going to be in any way affected.
We would have saved these for our friend but she was too pregnant! Breakfast tomorrow!

UPDATE: Two days later our colleague delivered a healthy baby boy. Naturally, we presume, but we'll know more later!

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