Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Banana Pudding

Now doesn't that look good!  We were informed that this was a recipe from a cookbook called "Cooking Light". The meringue notwithstanding a dish with two inches of sliced bananas, vanilla pudding and wafers is going to be anything but light!  Maybe it was light calorie wise which is a good thing. But it was what one would expect of a pudding based dish. It looked great and tasted very fresh with loads of bananas.  The meringue on top was done to perfection and we were very impressed with the little refractile elements on the top. We thought it was a nice decorative touch only to find out they were an artifact of condensation during storage. Oh, well!  They still looked good.

Commencement is coming up and there is quite a list of people receiving honorary degrees. They run the gamut from actors to previously abducted journalists with a former opponent of apartheid turned head of state also in the group.  He will be represented by his country's foreign minister however.  We think that our South African colleague should stand in for him but that won't happen!

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