Friday, May 14, 2010

A Very White Cake

Although the cake itself is yellow, the frosting was amazingly white. It was like someone took a tooth whitener to the cake.  Today's cake giver, our own Princess of Ghana, is becoming known for bringing interesting ones.  This was a good commercial cake, though we weren't initially sure of what the filling was but ultimately decided it was pineapple. The cake was fresh and the frosting very light like whipped cream but it was more likely a vegetable shortening base.  This frosting proved to be useful to a few of the cake eaters who found it fund to smoosh around.  Notice also the lovely rose decoration!

The nature of the frosting got us into discussing how commercial bakeries use lard in their frostings which then become inedible. Cake and beef fat together didn't somehow seem like a good combo though one conceivably use the leftover frosting for frying dinner. Just kidding!

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