Monday, May 10, 2010

Slumming it on a blue Monday!

Well it does happen. No volunteers and nothing in anyone's stash. So we trek on down to the candy machine on the first floor and buy up whatever is available and seems appropriate. Nothing wrong with Oreo cookies and M&M's but it's a last resort.  Got to start cracking the whip to get the slots for May filled up, eh what.

Mother's Day was the favored subject of conversation. After polling the group as to what everyone did we awarded the best Mother's Day Present award to the Princess of Ghana who made her mother a pair of earrings and hand wrote a letter to mom.  The rest of us pretty much stuck to script - flowers, phone calls, dinner on Dad's tab. Our Mongolian associate did nothing for her mom because - surprise - Mongolia celebrate Mother's Day in June. Now who could have known that?

We also like the job that Betty White did on Saturday Night Live.  Mrs. Blarfargaard and the census taker was a particular favorite.  And maybe someday at cake time we'll have a big Dusty muffin!

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