Monday, May 17, 2010

What is it about Mondays?

So we start the week again without a volunteer to satiate our sweet teeth.  Back to the machines, however  this time, the selection wasn't just candy.  We had the option of pound cake or apple turnovers.  The apple turnover package suggested we microwave them for a fresh baked taste which we did. The apple filling got pretty hot and the dough a little softer.  Considering it was a raw commercial product they were ok but they were not flaky as one would expect from a turnover.  The pound cake - Manny's Plain Pound Cake -  on the other hand was actually pretty good. It was very moist, went well with coffee, and the piece was pretty large for only $1.00. It fed about four of us. Considering the M&Ms and other candies were $1.50 this was definitely a bargain. Fortunately for the rest of the week the calendar is pretty full.  One of our colleagues was off to Panama. We can't wait to hear about the food down there as we inevitably will!

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