Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Once again thanks to the proximity of Gourmet Heaven we did not have to go hungry for another cake time.  We found cookies from a non-profit called cookieplace.org - an organization providing job training and employment opportunities for those with disabilities.  Not only did we get some treats but were altruistic in the process.  They also have a cafe!  We tried three different kinds and they were very good. However these definitely were of the more floury or cakey kind of cookie unlike Tate's. The lemon butterscotch was interesting but the ones with the macadamia nuts were best.  Note the ingredients. No artificial anything!

In the context of cookies we did bring up one of our favorite topics - how much you have to pay to have a graduate student in the lab. At the lab they get all the research education and material support and guidance and then we get a bill from the involved university to have them here because of the prestige. Who knew prestige would be so expensive.

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