Monday, May 24, 2010

Mongolian Tiramisu?

Now doesn't this look familiar!  No, contrary to what the title indicates there is no recipe for Tiramisu.  What happened here is that our graduate student from Italy gave her recipe for Tiramisu to the graduate student from Mongolia who wanted to try it out. We were happy to be the guinea pigs.  We extra appreciate the fact that after making it she forgot to bring it in and ran home in time to get it for cake hour.  Obviously she didn't want to disappoint the hungry masses.

For a first shot it was very well done. Kudos to anyone who can get that powdered cocoa layer to be so smooth. We are less likely to breathe it in that way. There were some subtle differences to the Italian version - there seemed to be a bigger emphasis on the lady fingers and less on the mascarpone - but otherwise the Mongolian product was first rate. We hope to share the recipe soon with everyone!  This was, we fear, the last cake hour donations from our Mongolian friend. Sooner or later these graduate students have to get on with their lives and this one did indeed finish her Ph.D. and will be moving on!  Oonoo...I mean, oh, no!

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