Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back to Basics

You had to have noticed the two really rich cakes that came in the last two sessions.  After such  indulgence, not to mention difficulty in trying to finish the behemoths off we went back to basics today and opted for some good and respectable coffee cakes!  One was from the Boston Coffee Cake Company which does a very respectable job. This version was a "Marble Madness" coffee cake which you can imagine was indeed a marbled mix of chocolate and vanilla cake with some chocolate chips thrown in for good measure.  It was pretty good and like most coffee cakes neither too heavy nor too sweet.
Today's offering

Can't go wrong with the Old Boston Coffee Cake Company

Marble Madness!

Classic Sour Cream Cake with Cinnamon

Celebrated since 1801....hmm?
The offerings are ready.

Love that layer of cinnamon on the insid
The second one was from G.H. Bent company and was the classic - a Sour Cream Coffee Cake.  Great most, yellow cake covered with cinnamon sugar. Like you read about.  We were intrigued by the byline on the label - "Celebrated Since 1801."  The big question would be celebrated where?  We had never heard of G.H. Bent and certainly could not confirm the long history of the company nor the cakes. But this one was certainly celebrated today.  The next time we come across a Bent cake we won't hesitate!
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