Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vicky's Apple Pie

It's the forth day of the LRC Graduate Student Cakehour Competition. So far, we had a cake, a tart, and a dozen cupcake, it's time for us to try a pie. Our lovely and always jolly Victoria has answered our call with a very delicious and very special apple pie.

Of course, we have pies all the time. Apple pie, cherry pie, pecan pie, blueberry pie, and strawberry rhubarb pie have all been featured at Cakehour before, what's so special about this particular piece of pie? To fully appreciate this story, one must know a little bit about the SafeRide System at Brown. It is a half-baked university transportation system encumbered by limited service area, a restricted schedule, and tons of silly rules. Anyone who has used similar services in other universities before would wonder if Brown is truly committed to ensuring the safety of their students.

In any case, our Vicky has been using the SafeRide Service for years to get to lab. On this particular morning, she decided to swing by Eastside Market to pick up the apple pie, thinking that she could catch the SafeRide to lab. Little did she know that her Brown ID was not in her purse. When the usual SafeRide driver arrived to pick her up, she was not allowed to board the bus. In the end, she had to walk 45 minutes in freezing cold and unforgiving wind to bring us the apple pie.

That's why this is a very special apple pie.

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