Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Our Lucky Day!

December 14, 2010 is a day to be remembered forever in the history of Cakehour. Today, we get to enjoy not one, but two absolutely exquisite cakes. First is a luscious Red Velvet Cake from LaSalle Bakery courtesy of Mashiko. The gorgeous ruby colored layer cake is rich, moist and buttery, with a hint of cocoa, perfectly contrasting the creamy and tangy fresh cream cheese frosting. It is a cake that is appealing to both the eyes and the taste buds.

The second cake really comes as a surprises to all of us. It's one of our favorite cakes. Ever since we first tasted it a long time ago, we were hooked. We talk about this cake all the time, some even dream about it, but we never expect to be able to enjoy it again so soon. This second cake of the day is of course, drumroll please, Lisa's legendary Tiramisu!

You really need to be present at Cakehour to appreciate the level of joy and exciting from the crowd when they saw the Tiramisu. Everyone wanted a piece of Lisa's magical dessert, including those who seldom show up at Cakehour. Even as Lisa was explaining to us how the cheese used in making Tiramisu contains 80% fat, people were still gobbling up the cake gleefully.

Did I say we have two cakes today? Well, I lied. The reason why today is such a special day is because we actually have three cakes - the red valvet cake, the tiramisu, and a special EtOH free tiramisu for Ahmet! It's a pity we didn't take a picture of Ahmet, but you should have seen how his face lit up when he saw his own little bowl of Tiramisu.

Thank you very much Lisa. You are awesome!

For the record, today's discussion centers around QG's tanning experience and her impending cruise to the Bahamas.

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