Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Not Lisa's Tiramisu

Rolf is off to Germany is week, and to make sure Cakehour is still being honored in his absence, we have designated this week as the LRC Graduate Student Cakehour Competition Week. We kick off this exciting event with an entry by our favorite Italian friend, Lisa. Over the past couple years, we have all being thoroughly spoiled by Lisa's various delicious and authentic Italian desserts. What is she going to make this time? Is it going to be Tiramisu? Or perhaps Torta di Ricotta? Or is she going to surprise us with a non-Italian dessert?

It's a Cannoli Cake!

Kudos to Lisa for staying true to her Italian theme. It's a very nice cake and those cannoli were gone within first fifteen minutes. That said, we all agree that no store-bought cake can ever compete with the Lisa's own legendary homemade Tiramisu. It turns out, Lisa did buy all the ingredients for making the Tiramisu, but was too busy make it. Listen! Everyone in the lab should stop asking Lisa for help so that she can make us the Tiramisu.

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