Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It Never Happened

Today we evaluate the second entry to the first LRC Graduate Student Cakehour Competition Week by Dianna. Based on today's event, we predict a fierce competition between our competitors for the title of Cakehour Champion.

First of all, this blogger apologize for his failure to capture a picture of the whole fruit tart. The truth is, a group of us who arrived a few minutes late to Cakehour were quite surprise to see that over two-third of the tart was already gone. And before 4:15pm, the table was wiped clean and it was as though Cakehour never happened. We feel sorry for Jason, who for once managed to stay for Cakehour, but was unable to get a piece of the tart. Looking back to previous posts on Cakehour.com, we discover that we really love our fruit tarts! It is the magic of fresh berries, mango and kiwi. Good job Dianna!

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