Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Kid on the Block

We miss Ursula's!  That was a bakery, no, a genuine German/Austrian Konditorei where they made pastries and tortes according to authentic European recipes and used only the freshest ingredients. One day it was gone and since then we haven't had a Dobos Torte. They also made the best Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte this side of Freiburg and nothing has measured up since.

Missing you, Dobos Torte!
\However there is new life in the old space on Broad Street and a new bakery has popped up. The fact that it is following a recent trend is predictable, we suppose, but that won't stop us.  The new place is called the Cupcakerie and it features...guess!  If you guessed sticky buns you lose.  Fortunately one of our astute and very aware cacklers, despite professing to know everything about Stowe, VT,  noticed the new digs and promptly brought us a sampling of the wares.
Something's in the bag!
Debut of the Cupcakerie!
A selection of the minis!
In some respects this cupcake trend is getting old. In addition, there is enough to be concerned calorically with the cake part alone never mind the usually too large gob of butter or lard based frosting that ends up on top of these recent cupcakes. In some cases the gob was larger than the cupcake.  But wisely we were brought a sampling of the mini-cupcakes.  There was much to like about these.
Nice looking bunch!
Attractively and creatively frosted without overdoing it!
 The recipes were creative, the execution was attractive, and the frosting to cake ration was not excessively slanted towards the frosting. Both the cake and the frosting were also rather light which made them easy to eat without feeling like you are getting stuffed. The menu featured eleven standard cupcakes and then some specialties. We got to see them all and sample many included those named "The Old Fashioned", "Lemon Drop", "Grasshopper", "Wake up and Smell the Cupcake" and "Velvet Elvis" to name a few.  More pictures are below.

Although we are sure the larger size is just as good we were content this time around with the minis.  The Cupcakerie debut was deemed a success and we wish them well for the future. I'm sure this will not be the last time. Check out the website at www.thecupcakerie.net.

Wake Up and Smell the Cupcake

Peanut Butter Cupcake

Velvet Elvis

Shake your Coconuts

The Chocolate Diva


The Old Fashioned

Lemon Drop

Cinco de Mayo

Lavender Bean

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