Monday, July 25, 2011

A Brown student goes with Brownies

I'm sure the decision to have your student cake month selection be a plate of brownies had nothing to do with the fact that the student goes to Brown but maybe it did.  In any case that's what was featured today and can you really go wrong with a plate o' brownies.

Serving up a familiar treat!

Lookin' good for the chocolate lovers!

Done just right!

Our baker piled them nicely on a platter and served them up to a very willing crowd.  It's actually kind of interesting how quickly these student's appear and disappear for these sweets. The brownies were homemade in two batched is I remember correctly. The ones on the bottom were denser and the ones on the top more the chocolate chip cookies we had last week.  Actually most brownie mixes will give you advice on how to make your brownies more cake like or denser so today we got both options even if it was inadvertent...or was it?  We also were reminded how in higher altitudes you have to bake things longer to get them to rise correctly. We suspect there might be a lot of dense brownies out there in Denver.
Some were more cake like!

On the bottom they were denser and more fudge-like!!
The plate did not stay piled high very long.  People enjoyed the familiar treat and again longed for a glass of milk. To some milk and intense chocolate together are nirvana. They go just as well if not better with a cup of java. Our baker gets three and half stars for her work for giving us all a much appreciated chocolate fix.
The Brownies were buzzin' about the brownies

Even if there was no milk!

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