Thursday, July 21, 2011

First a trio, now a duet

If you haven't got the time to bake something you can always buy it for student cake month, however you can never get the full five star rating!  The East Side Marketplace prepared today's cakes and we got two.   Who's going to complain about that?

What's in the box?
Allow me to show you!

Not one but two treats for today!

The first was a particular favorite - a key lime pie. This brought up the obligatory question of what is a key lime with the answer being they are a sweeter variety of the fruit. So how come every key lime pie we ever had has had a sour tanginess despite sugar also being a main ingredient.   It makes you wonder just how sweet those key limes really are. Perhaps we'll have to go to the Flroida keys for the authentic ones.

A twofer for the day!
Do you think this might be a key lime pie?

Black or Brownie and White cheesecake!
This particular pie wasn't bad. Usually there is more whipped cream on the top but here it was used mainly for decoration and to provide a base for the very green lime gel slices that also adorned the top. (Last week we got lemon gel slices and this week we have lime.) The second cake was a chocolate brownie and vanilla cheesecake or that's what it seemed to be. There was a brownie type bottom layer and a vanilla cheesecake layer on top of it. It was finished with a decorative chocolate icing in a crisscross pattern.  
When you can't decide have chocolate AND vanilla!
A little light on the cream maybe!
The "official" presentation
The presentation was a small slice of each together with a strawberry garnish resulting in another serving of fruit for the week.  The berry was a nice touch.  The key lime pie was good if not outstanding and the cheesecake likewise. No one complained and we appreciated the duet of treats that was offered and give three and a half stars to today's contestant.
What's up, Doc-to be!

We are counting down the last few days for one of our cacklers who is about to leave for medical school, yes another one. As you can see he's savoring all these last moments as well as the sweets!

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