Friday, July 22, 2011

Funfetti and Farewell

Have you ever heard of funfetti? If not you can probably imagine something about it; namely that it will have to do with confetti.  In the context of cake hour it refers to a trademarked cake mix of the Pillsbury company.  This is basically a  mix with sprinkles that are reminiscent of confetti that go into the batter and decorate the top of the cake.  What will they think of next?
Cake carriers always impress us!

The funfetti cake was well delivered in a cake carrier. It's always impressive when someone has a cake carrier. It means they are serious about cakes.  This version of funfetti was a single, white layer cake with some of the sprinkles baked into the cake.  The rest made for a colorful mix strewn about the frosting on top.  In addition a circle of fresh blueberries finished the decoration and a little Chinese restaurant umbrella made the finishing touch. It's's funfetti!


Add blueberries and it's creative!

Throw in a drink umbrella and it's even more fun!

As cakes go this was basic but good and we have no complaints. Thanks to our graduate student for being part of student cake month when she didn't necessarily have to be!  Three and half stars for her creation and a funfetti farewell to our handsome and fine friend who is moving on to medical school.  We wish him well and much success and may he not be burdened with a gazillion loans when he finishes!

Off to be a doctor!

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