Monday, July 18, 2011

Scones and Lemon Drizzle

Student cake month continues and our participant chose to make some fresh scones.  This was his first attempt and he had some help, apparently, from the tiramisu challenger. Inasmuch that scones themselves can be a bit of a challenge it was indeed brave of him to give them a try.  These were blueberry scones but also included the traditional raisins.
Scones, anyone?

These looked like they could have come from Starbuck's mainly because of the size. (You know at Starbuck's everything starch based is way too big.) Maybe that is true to form because possibly
the word scone may derive from the Gaelic term "sgonn" meaning a shapeless mass or large mouthful.
We ended up cutting them in half for a more appropriate portion but even then they were a mouthful.

Two plates of shapeless masses?

Blueberries as an added touch.

Not looking too light and fluffy...but who cares?
Unlike bread the "leavening agent" in scones is baking powder which, unlike yeast, is not going to make them light and airy. Otherwise the main ingredients include flour, shortening, eggs, sugar and milk or cream.  They can be pretty dense and indeed these were.  Scones are a special part of the British tea experience and are traditionally served with jam, lemon curd and Devon or clotted cream.  Our guy chose a lemon sauce made from the fresh fruit to go with his creation. This was a nice touch and that tanginess and wetness of the lemon sauce complimented the sweet dryness of the scone. Having clotted or even whipped cream would have topped it off but no one was complaining.  We probably all should have  had a spot of tea as the preferred beverage but they went fine with coffee as well.

The complete presentation with the lemon sauce...just a little bit o' clotted cream...
The scones were well-received...just like about everything else!
So four stars for our baker today for trying something new and bringing us a bit of Merry Olde England.

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