Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Triple Chocolate Cake

How can you go wrong with anything that has triple chocolate in the name?: Today's student cake was a Triple Chocolate cake.  The triple refers to the sources of the chocolate and they are chocolate cake mix, chocolate chips and chocolate pudding. All three are included in the recipe. Take them all, throw them together and bake them in a square cake pan and you have today's offering.
Today's baker!

Looking like lots of chocolate!

We love chocolate and we love excess but every now and then simplicity is welcome. Particularly if you eat cake every day. The fact that this was not overly frosted was a big plus. It actually was like a cross between a brownie and a chocolate sheet cake. It was not as dense as a brownie yet richer than a plain chocolate cake. It was very well received and received many positive comments including that it was a cake that would go great with a glass of milk.  A tribute to the level of cocoa one must assume. Of course vanilla ice cream or whipped cream would also have been a good addition but the cake was just fine as it was. Our student gets a four star rating for this fix for the chocoholics in us all.

Brownie like top!

Cake like inside!

Say what?
If you are wondering how to kill a party here is one sure way especially in a medical environment.  Enter the room as everyone is upbeat and enjoying their sweets and loudly say to someone you had discussed a medical emergency with "that patient we were talking about yesterday, he's coding right now!"  That's a sure way to take the wind out of any festivities. Fortunately every one had had their fill prior to the downturn.  That did not stop our cakeaholic from hanging around for extra pieces.
If I just wait long enough.....that piece is mine!

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