Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trio di dolcetti

The title 's Italian for trio of treats or little sweets in case you didn't know.  Our tirasmisu challenger, who also made the flourless chocolate cake, now steps up with his entry for student cake month competition. Not to be outdone he chose not one, not two but three things to prepare.  Hence we called it a trio. Since his heritage is Italian we thought is sounded more exotic in that language though "Trio of Treats" is kind of catchy too.
Whoops, I did it again!
So what were the three? There were homemade biscotti, homemade macaroons and homemade chocolate chip cookies with a coffee glaze. (Say what?) The presentation included one each served on plate.  Some of the macaroons were died pink for the simple reason that he was bored with them all being white. (He's the boss!)  Some of the biscotti were dipped in chocolate which is always a nice touch.  The coffee glaze was an interesting addition.
How about a threesome?

I mean a trio of delights!

The biscotti were probably the best liked. They were crispy and good, baked golden brown, stuffed with almonds and then dipped in dark chocolate. (We're so glad there are no nut allergies among us.) There was no way not to like these things.

Good stuff!
The macaroons were very dense as macaroons can be and as preferred not too sweet. They included chocolate chips and as mentioned some were died pink for no specific reason.  They were also well received but not as much as the biscotti.

Pink and white macaroons
The chocolate chips were based upon the classic Toll House Recipe. In our opinion there is no reasons whatsoever to use any other recipe because why spoil what is perfect. For that reason, although the coffee glaze was creative we were not sure if it added anything. It may have even made the cookies too sweet.  We like the cookies but clearly were ambivalent on the glaze.

Glazed toll house cookies...different!
Since the selections today were well received we didn't think it was necessary for the baker to qualify what he did as he did.  In his assessment that macaroons were too dry and the cookies were too cakey. We gather he is a perfectionist when it comes to his creations!  We'll look forward to the next time without cakey cookies but in the meantime 4 stars for the effort and the trio.

This cookie is too cakey!!

Is your macaroon dry?

Time to get moving!
One of our comrades was out for the last coupe of days having suffered some after effects of eating sushi. This involved a disturbance of the GI tract. It's too bad the person stayed away because between the dense scones from yesterday and the macaroons today there was a golden opportunity to bind up whatever might have been flowing too free!

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