Thursday, April 15, 2010

Angel Food Strawberry Cake

This is a nice looking treat, don't you think? And it contained two of our favorite things - fresh strawberries and whipped cream. The angel food cake was filled on the inside with both and they were both used for the lovely top decoration. The only thing wrong with this picture was that this thing was almost impossible to cut without ending up with some strawberries and cream together with a smooshed piece of angel cake.  The cake was too light and springy to cut with a normal knife and quite possibly the best solution would have been some kind of electric saw or knife.  Of course, none of this stopped us from enjoying it and it did taste good!

A few of the research assistants talked about their upcoming plans to visit Hawaii. The intention was to visit Honolulu and Hilo.  Hilo?? Who goes to Hilo where it rains 365 days a year? We visited Hilo once but that was only to refuel the helicopter for the tour we were on. They wanted to go to see the lava flow from the Kilauea volcano. That isn't really the easiest thing to do because for safety reasons no one really goes that close to it. Of course who wants to discourage them from trying. Nevertheless after some further clarification they were convinced to travel to Kona instead where they would be near enough to the volcano but could enjoy much better weather.  As one can see we are happy to give out travel advice!

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