Monday, April 26, 2010

Mrs. Masa's Specialty

Is it an angel food cake? No!  Is it a pound cake? No!  It is something of a cross between the two. The cake is very airy and light like an angel food cake, but is much moister like a pound cake. Is it a chiffon cake? Baking this requires some deftness. Each time we have enjoyed this cake from Mrs. Masa it has been consistent and good. However, our esteemed Cake Master who got the recipe was unable to pull it off. We must continue to defer to the skills of the recipe giver and we look forward to the next time. As for Cake Master - practice makes perfect!

The cake was accompanied by a geopolitical lesson focusing on Hong Kong and its current relationship to China. This discussion broadened to include Macao - which is not as sleazy as it was - and Taiwan.  Apparently Hong Kong residents have a much easier time going in and out of China then vice versa.  We also tried to figure out where and why they would grow broccoli for export in Hong Kong. Apparently Stop and Shop was featuring just that - broccoli from Hong Kong - which seems a little far fetched!  I mean - they couldn't find it in California?

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