Friday, April 23, 2010

Blueberry Pie and Bye to George

Today we had a good old standard - blueberry pie from Scialo Brothers Bakery on Federal Hill in Providence courtesy of the Moss Man.  This is a great pie!  It's always fresh and full of blueberries. Furthermore the filling is never congealed with too much corn starch but is juicier than one sees with a mass produced commercial pie. The hatched crust is enhanced by some granulated sugar which is what provides most of the sweetness. The pie is very well balanced and always delicious.  We highly recommend it if you are in the Atwells Avenue neighborhood in Providence.

Today we were told that this would be George's last day. George did some work here then left to go back to school. However, he was also kind enough to pay visits, coming down from Boston to hang out help or bring a cake. Now he says this was his last visit..or is it?  Initially it was to be a fond farewell but then he said he may come by next year regardless of the fact that his sister will move on from the lab. Time will tell but in the meantime - keep smiling George!

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