Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Elmali Pay

Turkish Apple Pie. We found a volunteer! The creator referred to it as Apple Pie however as a Turkish Dish it is not the same as an American pie. When she said the Turkish word for pie was pie (spelled pay) we didn't believe her and called in two other Turkish speaking cake hour friends to verify. She was right. Never doubt a native speaker. The delectable dish was more like a streusel cake one finds in Central Europe. Perhaps they encountered the recipe when the Turkish Army was besieging the City of Vienna! Regardless the dish was a hit and went very well with coffee. A cake layer, a layer of apples, and a sweet top of sugar and roasted slivered almonds. It did not last long.

The most interesting part of the conversation related to efforts to keep deer from devouring domestic plants. That led us to wonder how all those commercial products featuring "tiger urine" or "leopard urine" to ward off unwanted critters could really be what they claim to be. How does one collect this stuff? It would certainly be difficult in the wild. I mean, try collecting "cheetah urine" au naturel with it being the fastest running beast. Someone piped up that it is collected by zoo workers. But we did not believe that catheterizing captive felines or other species for commercialization of their pee was probable. The final conclusion was this stuff probably ain't what it's cracked up to be!

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