Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Turkish Delights

Unable to procure a cake in a timely fashion, today's featured cake donor settled for some turkish delights both literally and figuratively.  We are very fond of the actual Turkish delights - the gelatinous powdered sugar coated sweet treats that my contain nuts. We particularly like them when they contain pistachios.  Today's offering was covered with coconut instead of the usual sugar dusting.  It was a nice touch and added some variety to our experience with Turkish delights. We have learned to expect this whenever one of our Turkish colleagues is returning from a visit to the homeland and we suspect we've probably had every kind available in Turkish airport gifts shops.

In addition two other delights from Turkey were offered. One was like a marshmallow pie only it was made of waffle type cake, filled with hazelnut cream and was covered in chocolate. Not bad, actually!  Finally we had what I would call the Turkish version of the ubiquitous Danish butter cookies.

The conversation was very academic!  We discussed this year's recipients of Brown's honorary degrees and the reasons why they were nominate and chosen. Very interesting to note that both Nelson Mandela (in asbentia) and Morgan Freeman who played Mandela in film are both being so honored. Coincidence? Who cares? It's great to have them both!

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