Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today we were visited by one of our favorite cake hour guests - perhaps THE favorite. A former pastry chef, as part of a product seminar she prepared three of her famous and delicious treats. Pecan Pie squares, Kahlua espresso chocolate chip brownies and lemon squares. We ate them up and for those with "issues" there was a gluten free alternative though chewy pineapple slices did not quite measure up to be the same experience. Most stuck with the glutenous goodies!

We also got to try the "missing flan" from the day before. The raspberry flan was deemed to not measure up and was summarily discarded however a duplicate had been prepared. As one can see from the picture the flan was fine. Moreover the added taste of the raspberries gave it that little extra that quite possibly have made it the favored flan. Alas because of the presumption of the baker we and she will never know if it would have been the winner.

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