Friday, April 30, 2010

Lemon Theme?

Today we had a homemade coffee cake that we believe was lemon poppy seed. Or maybe just poppy seed.  Otherwise we are concerned about the little black dots throughout the cake. If they are not poppy seeds what are they?  This is what happens when you just eat something without finding out what it is.  We are thankful to Yoshi's girlfriend for baking it for us.  It was very good and certainly went well with coffee as just about all loaf type cakes do.  It was supplemented with some Italian Pizzelle waffle type cookies with lemon zest - hence today's title. It was a nice supplementary touch but the star was the homemade cake. A little bit of lemon curd might have topped it off and really completed the theme. But who's complaining.

The upcoming DDW was a topic of discussion and whether the oil spill would have any effect on the conference.  No one seemed concerned and so it was off to the Big Easy!

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