Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Big T makes his first cake and knocks 'em for a loop!

The final entry for student cake month was destined to be interesting. A reluctant if not shy participant who had not really been taking part due to his supposed lack of interest in sweets.  He was placed on the schedule somewhat involuntarily to make sure he didn't escape his obligation.  He - supposedly - had never baked anything before which is fine because he could have bought something.  But the Big T went for it opting to create something to compete with what came before. In the process he hit one right between the goal posts.

Check out  the cake carrier.  A pre-Tupperware aluminum version the likes of which no one had ever seen before.  The packing tape to secure it was also an imaginative touch. As mentioned we were expecting something interesting but the unveiling produced gasps of disbelief.  The dude concocted a four tiered carrot cake made from scratch.  It looked freakin' awesome, albeit not the most intricately decorated cake, and made quite an impression on everyone who saw it.

Pre-Tuperware cake transport

Our first time pastry chef

Practically a wedding cake

Admiring his creation

It also made a bigger impression on everyone who ate it. It was a no holds barred recipe - that he found in an "old book" in his house -  that contained everything you expect in a good carrot cake including pineapple, coconut, chunks of walnuts, carrots, of course and that whole cup of vegetable oil that makes it oh so moist and caloric.  The classic cream cheese frosting was also spot on.  The cake was a good size and the creator assumed he would be taking a good chunk of it home but as you can see it completely disappeared.
The devouring begins

Aw shucks, I'll gladly give you my...recipe!

I guess I won't be taking any of this home!

The deed ...and the done

Our baker developed an instant following and several cacklers were so enthused that they had to have the recipe prontissimmo. They even went so far to plop pen and paper in front of him as if he would remember the recipe off the top of his head.  The response was adulatory enough that if it had been a rock concert they might have been asking for his underpants. People joked he should change careers, he should become a baker, he had something to fall back on if he failed in his chosen line of work...all this after baking one cake!!  Or did he?

Funny how there happened to be just enough various size pans to make what he did. Clearly someone had baked before...and that cake was it that was just lying around..never having been used??  It almost seems that someone in the house had done some serious pastry work in the past.  Was this really the big T's creation?  This could have been the controversy but nah, we believe him especially since he could recite enough of the recipe to convince any skeptics.  So our reticent pal who had never baked before and had previously freaked out at the prospect of singing "Happy Birthday" because he thought he would look foolish stepped right up to the plate and for the final pitch of student cake month hit one right out of the park!!  Go big T!

Since this was also awarded a five star rating we now need to schedule a bake off for the three five star winners. Stay tuned!!!

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