Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Five stars despite Martha's flaccid flan recipe

Today's student cake month entry was a twofer. Our volunteer baker came up with two fruit tarts - a peach creme tart and a fruit flan recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart.  Visually spectacular and also delicious on both counts!  The creme tart was baked to perfection so that the consistency was as one expected and it was not overly sweet.  The flan was flawed!  Despite the best efforts - including a stint in the freezer  - the custard would not hold together and it got a little soupy. According to our student baker who was somewhat stressed and feeling the pressure the recipe called for flour in the custard. Flour?  This is a custard not a gravy, Martha Stewart, what are you thinking. Since it looked great and tasted great - especially with the addition of orange peel to the custard - we attribute the glitch to a deficient recipe. Two cakes, both looking and tasting fabulous brings this a five star rating much to the relief of the student. Since her colleague in the lab took the prize last year she felt the pressure to replicate the five star success. She pulled it off so the winning streak continues, Evan Walker!
A twofer!

Fabulous flan

Peachy Tart

The ambitious baker

Baked to perfection

Soupy goodness!
Tomorrow the cake master leaves for his wedding in his native Hong Kong!  Congratulations to him and his bride to be.  It turns out they are getting married in a Catholic church in Hong Kong. Cna you imagine?  Who knew they had such things?  Also since he is not a Catholic we wondered how that could happen. Apparently it can happen, he just gets characterized official as being part of "another cult."  Is that how the RCC refers to other religions as cults?  Hmm.

When asked about a bachelor party it turns out there was one held which is appropriate because with all the strip clubs in Providence you can't really not have a bachelor party. It was lame with only three people in attendance and a rather tame club was chosen. I guess he will have to wait to experience pole dancing or legs and eggs.

It turns out the organizer of the bachelor party was a grad student who had been part of a disgraced lab that had to retract papers and was booted out of town. The PI landed a position at another university far removed from here indicating they believe in redemption or they were desperate for faculty members.  Hopefully it wasn't this bitter lab experience that drove this grad student to become an expert on strip clubs.

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