Thursday, July 22, 2010

Raspberry and Hot Pink Coconut Cake

This is different.  We thought we had tried most everything from Gregg's but in walks today's student cake donor with something we had not seen before.  This is a raspberry coconut cake consisting of four yellow cake layers with raspberry filling and coconut decoration around the top and the sides. To try to keep with the color scheme part of the shaved coconut was dyed hot pink presumably with whatever number food coloring hot pink would be. (Red number U238?)

Like all cakes from Gregg's this was a good size and was very fresh. The layers of cake were very moist, the raspberry filling was tasty, and the frosting was sweet, probably shortening based, but was not overwhelming.  The cake was listing a little to one side making it look a little deflated. That did not take away from the enjoyment, however, because once you cut it up who cares what it looks like. Well actually once we cut this into slices, the collective plated did make for an interesting picture continuing our occasional series of cake photo art.  Our cake pal got a four star rating for this cake. You usually can't go wrong with Gregg's and there was plenty to go around.

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