Friday, July 9, 2010

Student Cake Month

Sound the trumpets...student cake month officially begins on Monday, July 12th.

During the month of July it is up to the summer program students, and any others that might just be hanging around mooching slices of cake, to sign up for cake hour slots.  This is serious business!  On top of that it is a competition. Students are rated on the cakes they bring with the range being from one to five stars. There is a caveat - you can only earn five stars if the cake is homemade. That puts the pressure on for folks to be creative and hone their baking skills or bag out and buy something - which could still win it will just not earn the highest rating!  
So far the buzz is good, the calendar is filling up and we are set to go!

We expect the following for this will be as intense as the recent World Up but we won't opt for penalty kicks in the event of a tie. (That is so lame!)

Prizes are to be announced!

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