Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The cupcake trend is not dead...just ask a vegan

Clearly the trend is not dead judging by the fact that today's sixth contribution to Student Cake Month was -  more cupcakes!  And those comments about the gloppy frosting on the top - well take that with a grain of salt.  These are carrot cake cupcakes with the traditional cream cheese frosting.  They were very good and made from scratch by today's student contributor.  The recipe appeared to be the traditional one with the typical spice type cake loaded with nuts. The frosting was not overwhelming and tasted as it should. The big surprise was that they were vegan!  A vegan baked good that actually tasted good!  The cream cheese in the frosting was made from soy.
A good spread for the day

Colorful treats

The cupcakes continue

Who suspected it was vegan!

Four and a half star pastry chef of the day

We were sure as heck surprised and it made several of us rethink our opinions of the vegan life style (not really.)  Our last vegan treat, which was tofu based brownies, was rather awful so we were happy to see that not everything in the vegan category is hopeless.  Kudos for opening our minds and mouths to vegan goodies. This rating was four and a half stars!

Also in addition to the vegan delights our friend Josh made amends by bringing in two more cheesecakes after being so stingy last week when he brought in one for thirty people.  With the cupcakes and the two cheesecake pies there was plenty to go around today!

The question of the day relates to the vegan diet and that it involves no animal products.  The indiscreet query was asked - "If you are eating vegetables or fruits that were fertilized with animal manure (poop was the word used) are they truly vegan?"  Food for thought but only a vegan knows for sure

Classic carrot cake
At last, plenty of Josh's cheesecake
Just about gone!

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