Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The callous sophisticate cacklers laughed at Josh's tiny cheesecake...

For our second entry for student cake month we had Josh's cheesecake.  Even those of us who are iffy on cheesecakes do admit that a home baked one does have a certain something that gives it an edge over store bought. For this version we have a pie like cheesecake that was topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries. As you can see the fresh fruit was a bit sparse but we found the supply so were able to supplement what had been placed on the cake. Credit is given for the fact the cake was largely homeade - not the crust - but there was one little problem and that was that the cake was a little little.

Student cake month can attract a crowd and serving out this one modest sized pie was like Jesus feeding the multitudes. We all got a slice, no, not a slice a sliver. Hell not even that we got a taste!  Not to berate the effort but I do think that Josh got the message and will be sure to bring in a more appropriate portion for the next time.  As I mentioned it's good the extra fruit was there.  Overall rating of three stars according to the consensus of the cake hour attendees!

Extra credit to any student who knows the reference for this post's title!

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