Monday, March 21, 2011

The candidates crash cake hour

Today presented another concoction from Sam's Club of all places.  There are quite a few here who are big fans of Sam's and we have had many a cake from the place. They all tend to be on the larger side. This one was no exception though it was not gigantic. It also was bit fancier looking for a Sam's Club entry.  Perhaps in order to get the Artisan Fresh label it had to be a step up from the usual cake monstrosities.  There was a bit of a contradiction in the use of the work fresh to describe the cake and the Sam's Club strawberries that topped it of. Inasmuch as the strawberries were still somewhat frozen we would think they should reclassify it as fresh frozen or frozen fresh to really be accurate.
Artisan Fresh

Fresh Cheesecake, fresh why was it frozen?

Not so bad looking!

Fresh, er frozen strawberries in red goo surrounded by ersatz whipped cream.

Are the strawberries being consumed by the Blob?
It was good, though and there were few complaints. The cheesecake was solid and the strawberries, though frozen crunchy, were not overly sweetened by the reddish goo that they were covered with. (The goo kind of resembled the Blob in the 1988 remake of the famous horror movie starring Kevin Dillon.) ( berries were nice and big for fruit lovers and the whipped cream added a final touch although it was not real whipped cream.  Nevertheless we'd easily eat this again should it reappear.
What better than cake hour after a day of interviews!

A current fellow entices a prospect with cake!
Today was the second day of interviews for future clinical fellowships in the Division. For the first time that we can remember the candidates and prospective fellows crashed cake hour and joined in for the tasting. What other institution offers this type of amenity to top off your interview day?  No one!  Cake hour rules!

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