Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's not just monster cakes at Gregg's

Today was another entry in the Research Assistant cake week.  As you can see the box is certainly one we are familiar with. Expecting another Gregg's extravaganza we were quite and nonetheless pleasantly surprised that the selection was a walnut cinnamon coffee cake from Gregg's with a classic sugar icing drizzle. Sure we love all those whipped cream laden treats that emanate from the kitchen at Gregg's but there is nothing wrong with getting a classic coffee cake every once in awhile...don't you think.  Some of us were not aware that Gregg's offered such a thing but live and learn.
Another monster cake???
It's a coffee cake!
Well drizzled with icing
Loving the walnuts!
A swath of cinnamon throughout! The last picture taken with our "antique" digital camera.
In addition to being very fresh which one should expect from this bakery, this coffee cake was moister and denser than a lot of the commercially packaged one but that is fine. It hit the spot. The good thing is that it was large enough to go around obviating the need to buy two as is sometimes necessary with the prepackaged ones. Good thinking on choosing this to broaden our experience with Gregg's offerings.

Today did mark a milestone for cake hour.  Our trusty digital camera acquired about a decade ago in Hong Kong, well before the digital camera craze, that has taken all the pictures of mouth watering cakes finally died today.  It was kind of fun dealing with an "antique" as it were but we certainly got our money's worth and it's legacy is here for all to see.  We're sad to see it go but onward!

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