Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This time its Sayonara Noda-san!

Today we combined cake hour with another going away party. Our colleague Takehiro was returning to Japan to continue his life as a clinician who may get some small chance to do research in the future.  So we had a cake hour celebration of him and the work he has done which of course featured one of our Brown University makeovers.
Two cakes to start with a bit of bubbly!

The Bailey's Irish Cream Cake.

Chocolate shards on a butter cream frosting.

And a skirt of chocolate to boot!

Simple but good!

The cakes - two of them - were supplemented with a bit of bubbly to properly toast the honoree.  They came from the Lasalle bakery in Providence which has been featured a number of times.  The two that we got were a Bailey''s Irish Cream cake and something that we think was called Cream Zabaglione or something similar.  As it turned out the Bailey's Cake alone was enough go around so we ended up with a twofer -  a second cake for tomorrow.  The Bailey's cake was very, very, good and is to be highly recommended!  It helped that this time we took it out of refrigeration early enough so that the butter cream was nice and soft when it came time to serve it.  The chocolate cake was good and fresh and all together it was scrumptious. We have no idea how much Bailey's was in it but what should it matter since it tasted good and we go to wash it down with some champagne.  Stay tuned for the report on the Zabaglione or whatever on another post.
Sensei speaks!

Another successful makeover!

I have to take this on the plane?

I'm Noda, I'm Noda...you hear me, yo!

Of course we had to redo our departing colleague in Brown logo couture.  Our normally reserved friend got into the spirit of the reverse baseball cap and hoodie look as you can see.   We were expecting him to break into a rap song but he didn't take it that far.  The final touch was, of course, a nice picture of the Brown campus for his future professional office. The challenge is to get it back to Japan in one piece. We do select based on the picture size being adequate for storage in the overhead bins of a transcontinental airliner! 
Doing what they do best......

.....waiting for cake to come!

A farewell thanks..

With the lab gang!

Smiling with the lab ladies!

Something made them laugh!

With the support team!

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