Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday absentia

Today we celebrated an 18th birthday party!  The coming of age year, when one can vote, be drafted into the army and in earlier days before they threatened to withdraw your federal highway funds you could drink alcohol at this 18th year milestone.  For the birthday girl however none of that matter because it was the 18th birthday of one of our cats.  A ripe old age for a feline, indeed according to conversion tables that is the equivalent of an 85-88 year old woman. 

Birthday celebration for a good old girl!

A picture in lieu of the birthday girl!

Good old American Birthday cake!

Do you think the frosting is thick enough?

Though she could not be here we celebrated with a traditional American chocolate birthday sheet cake.  The fact that it was fresh a a positive. Like most cakes like this thought the frosting was bit hard to take. We assume it was a standard frosting made from shortening or something similar. We probably could have done with a little less.  We learned that the Eastside Marketplace will take a special order and frost a cake with whipped cream with 24 hours notice. Next time, we're there!

I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille!
This doesn't smell like Sheba!
Make a wish and blow...never mind!
Can I get into the brush box now!
But nevertheless, Happy 18/88th birthday to Zahra T!  She did get to see part of the cake and was presented it with a candle and a verse of Happy Birthday followed up by a vigorous brushing which she likes quite well!  We also honor on the birthday, the memory of her brother/litter mate who did not make it to such a ripe old age.  Happy Birthday to Zeke, too!  We still miss you lots!

The would be birthday guy, gone but never forgotten!
Hanging together in the brush box!

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