Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nothing much to Kheer about!

Kheer is apparently some kind of Indian sweetened rice dish.  Since we are happy to sampleanything from other cultures we were willing to give this a try also.  It was dutifully prepared and brought for cake time.  As mentioned it is rice based with sweetened milk or cream, some almond slivers and certain spices.  A nice big bowl was left for our assemblage.
Rice soup or soupy rice?
Do you think they had enough?

The correct name.

Unfortunately and in breach of protocol the gluten free mafia got wind of the existence of the rice based dish and pigged out before cake hour could begin. The gluttons finished off half the bowl before the official start time.  This left rather a sorry looking slop at the bottom of a glass bowl for us to bring to the world's attention.  I suppose the original presentation might have been more appealing to look at it instead of the bland remnant that we saw.  We did attempt to jazz up the appearance by adding some of the colored sugar garnishes from yesterday's king cakes

Add little Mardi Gras color to spiff it up!

The Kheer tasted like a soupy version of rice pudding though it was not overly sweet.   There probably could have been a bit more spice and a lot more almond slivers for it to really impress.  This was a basic introduction to a new dish we had not even heard of before. We'll just leave it at that.

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